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Latest Vacancies
Ref #Position TitleLocation (Department/Ward/Clinical Area)Date PostedClosing Date
38003 Administrative Officer
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Austin Hospital  (The Surgery Centre ) Today11/08/2021
38378 Critical Care Registered Nurse
Austin Hospital  (Intensive Care ) Yesterday
38474 Patient Services Assistant
Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre  (Radiation Oncology) Yesterday17/08/2021
38481 Radiology - Neuroradiology Fellow
Austin Hospital  Yesterday01/09/2021
38490 Enrolled Nurse L2
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre  (Mellor) Yesterday11/08/2021
38495 Registered Nurse G2
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (Ward 11) Yesterday18/08/2021
38309 Research Assistant
Off Site  03/08/202116/08/2021
38353 Endoscopy Liaison Nurse - Grade 3
All Sites  (Surgery and Endoscopy Access) 03/08/202113/08/2021
38439 Specialist Clinics Administrator
All Sites  (Specialist Clinics) 03/08/202110/08/2021
38458 Surgical Liaison Nurse
All Sites  (Surgery and Endoscopy Access ) 03/08/202110/08/2021