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Latest Vacancies
Ref #Position TitleLocation (Department/Ward/Clinical Area)Date PostedClosing Date
25397 Infectious Diseases Physician
All Sites  Yesterday19/12/2017
25489 Pathology Collector Grade 2
Off Site  (Pathology Specimen Collection) Yesterday19/12/2017
25490 Pathology Collector Grade 2
All Sites  (Pathology Specimen Collection) Yesterday19/12/2017
25492 Senior Mental Health Clinician
Off Site  (CYMHS) 11/12/201728/12/2017
25459 Registered Nurse G3 ANUM
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre  (Spinal Rehabilitation Facility) 11/12/201718/12/2017
25486 Clinical Support Nurse
Austin Hospital  (clinical nursing education) 11/12/201717/12/2017
25411 Registered Nurse G2
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre  (Spinal Rehabilitation Facility) 11/12/201721/12/2017
25404 Patient Services Assistant G2
All Sites  (PSA Bank) 11/12/201731/12/2017
25439 Administration Officer
All Sites  (Radiology and Molecular Imaging and Therapy) 11/12/201719/12/2017
25125 Registered Nurse G2
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (Ward 9) 11/12/201724/12/2017