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Latest Vacancies
Ref #Position TitleLocation (Department/Ward/Clinical Area)Date PostedClosing Date
28023 Registered Nurse G2
Austin Hospital  (operating suite) Today14/01/2019
28059 Research Clinical Psychologist
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  Today14/01/2019
28076 Scientist G3
Austin Hospital  (Vascular Laboratory ,6N Austin Tower) 14/12/201830/12/2018
28083 Administrative Officer
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (The Surgery Centre) 14/12/201806/01/2019
28085 Administration Clerk
Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre  (ONJ Cancer Centre Admin) 14/12/201824/12/2018
28017 Cleaner
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  13/12/201820/12/2018
28033 Registered Nurse G2
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (ward 11) 13/12/201827/12/2018
28068 Senior Speech Pathologist
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (Speech Pathology) 13/12/201823/12/2018
27417 Medical Physicist G1
Off Site  (Ballarat Radiotherapy) 12/12/201826/12/2018
27941 Registered Nurse
All Sites  (Radiology and MIT) 12/12/201826/12/2018