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Latest Vacancies
Ref #Position TitleLocation (Department/Ward/Clinical Area)Date PostedClosing Date
29914 Registered Nurse G2
Austin Hospital  (5 West) Today27/10/2019
29936 Clinical Research Fellow
Austin Hospital  Today11/11/2019
30372 Allied Health Assistant (Qualified)
All Sites  (Social Work and Ngarra Jarra ) Today27/10/2019
30374 Nurse Unit Manager
Austin Hospital, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (Hospital in the Home & Residential Outreach Service) Today25/10/2019
30376 Organisational Development Manager
Austin Hospital  (HR Consulting) Today27/10/2019
30381 Registered Nurse G2
Austin Hospital  (Ward 8 West) Today03/11/2019
30354 Registered Psych Nurse Grade 2
Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital  (Community Recovery Program (CRP)) 11/10/201927/10/2019
30307 Administrative Officer Grade 1
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre  (ABI Behaviour Consultancy, Brain Disorders Program Community Services) 10/10/201924/10/2019
30314 Neuropsychologist Gr 2
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre  (Brain Disorders Program Community Services/ ABI Behaviour Consultancy) 10/10/201924/10/2019
30227 Clinical Genetics Fellow
Austin Hospital  09/10/201916/10/2019